Elaine Brennan CEO

Ceo and creator of Lyme Ware Incorporated. A business born of a healing journey with Lyme Disease and Co-infections. All products in Lyme Ware are used daily as part of my healing protocols with Cistus Incanus being the main focus and either incorporated into or alongside other products used to support a systemic illness and immune system functioning issues. Shungite for blocking emfs and natural fiber clothing to layer. Three items that help to support and protect with a body that does not regulate internal temperatures well, is prone to infection and must daily focus on immune system support. In Lyme world 'Not just one thing' means 'Lyme and Co-infections' as the body is not just dealing with one possible infection and has different symptoms according to the variants. I chose these words as my company motto because the two go hand in hand. A company born of necessity with a focus on a whole body approach to healing that utilizes 'Not just one thing'.


Sonya Buck

Sonya Buck, mother of Elaine Brennan and creative support team member of Lyme Ware. Sonya is a life long businesswoman, gardener and artist who brings experience to the team. Every step of a healing journey has included Sonya beside her daughter Elaine, from the beginning of finding out what had caused this illness to now with becoming a Lyme Survivor.


Doreen Gordon-Cooper

Doreen Gordon-Cooper, independent artist and Lyme Ware exclusive artwork. Doreen has an online shop on Etsy, ADorElizdonArtwork with her custom painted stonework featuring memorial works of art for her clients. With Lyme Ware, Doreen will be engraving her copyrighted works of art on Shungite. Shungite pendants, cell phone and computer discs, stonework shapes and tile work. Doreen is also the artist who's work is featured in the Lyme Ware sepia tone transfer images on the bamboo clothing line with words that speak to your own personal healing journey.

Jessica Johnston

Jessica Johnston, clothier and designer for Lyme Ware bamboo and hemp clothing line. 'We are a sewing production house that supports the made in Canada lifestyle. We employ from the age friendly workforce with fair wages. By offering no set minimum contracts it reinforces our mission to support and build small businesses.'

Kathryn Shailer

Kathryn Shailer, Writer Kathryn will be a featured writer in the Blog portion of Lyme Ware. Kathryn has also had a hand in helping to write and edit the Lyme Ware introduction page.