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Lyme Ware Inc. is pleased to announce the grand opening of their shop and website. 

Thanks to all that are using the website and looking forward to receiving their Lyme Ware Products! See the shop and products below! 

Local and Accessible

Lyme Ware Inc is honored to work with a group of hardworking individuals that all come together to make and create a spectacle of amazing products!


There is a certain drive in a new local business you don't see with the big box stores. Get tailored experiences and friendly conversation with Lyme Ware Inc.

Do what it Takes

Elaine and Lyme Ware will always do their best to fulfill your requests and needs via our online shop if you cant make it to see us, or via a specially booked trade show.

Cistus Incanus Tea & Body Care

Cistus Incanus herb is rich in bioflavonoids and polyphenols. Tea made from this herb helps with cold and flu symptoms in about 2 days after drinking the first cup. In Europe, Cistus is widely used to fight germs, viruses, and fungi. It is used externally to cleanse the skin and ameliorates eczema, acne, and psoriasis.


Shungite is mined in Russia and has properties that block Electro Magnetic Fields.  Working with artist Doreen Gordon-Cooper we have copyrighted engraved images engraved on Shungite pendants, cell phone and computer discs in shapes of pyramids, squares and tiles.

Natural Fiber Clothing

Hemp and Bamboo natural fiber clothing made and sourced in Canada. Layers to help your body with internal temperature regulating issues stemming from systemic/ immune system illness.

Clothing is in collaboration with Jessica Johnston Clothier & Designer.  

ADorElizdonArtwork in collaboration with Lyme Ware transfer images for clothing by artist Doreen Gordon-Cooper.

News from our blog

Elaine Brennan is CEO and creator of LymeWare Inc. A business born of a healing
journey with Lyme Disease and Co-infections. All products in LymeWare are used daily as part of my healing protocols; with Cistus Incanus being the main focus, either incorporated into or alongside other products used to support systemic illness/immune system functioning issues. Shungite for blocking emfs and natural fiber clothing to layer. Three items that help to support and protect a body that does not regulate internal temperatures well, is prone to infection and must focus daily on immune system support. In a Lymeworld ‘Not just one thing’ means ‘Lyme and Co-infections’ as the body is not
just dealing with one possible infection and has different symptoms according to the
variants. I chose these words as my business motto because the two go hand in hand. A company born of necessity with a focus on a whole body approach to healing that utilizes ‘Not just one thing’.