Contacts and Links

Avril Lavigne The Avril Lavigne Foundation supports individuals with Lyme Disease, serious illnesses and disabilities.

Daisy Fresh  Daisy is a figurative artist who has used me as a model for her painting ‘Ruins’ which is being shown in her upcoming art exhibitions here in Ontario, Canada.  Daisy will also be featured in the blog portion of Lyme Ware and we will explain what the painting ‘Ruins’ means in connection to my Lyme tick bite healing journey.  You can find Daisy on instagram @daisyfreshartist to view some of her past artwork and upcoming artwork paintings in progress.

Danielle Wood is the labeller and graphic designer for Lyme Ware labels. Danielle is responsible for designing and editing a cohesive brand look for LymeWare Inc. digital imagery layout, images that flow from our labels, hangtags, business cards, information flyer and  signage are also used in our website layout ‘look’ so that the Lyme Ware brand is easily recognized by our customers Digital Ink Graphics & Printing,

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD. Medical Doctor, Researcher and Lyme Specialist. Klinghardt Institute – The Heart of Healing Dr Klinghardt’s requirements for attending the Summer Healing Retreat. Klinghardt Education : Upcoming Events in the UK. The following events for your diary are all lead by Dr. Klinghardt himself, together with his partner in life Daniela Deiosso.  ‘Dr. Klinghardt discusses Cistus Tea… Simple Cistus Incanus treatment for chronic illness and retroviral infections.

Doreen Gordon-Cooper.  Doreen is the artist featured in Lyme Ware exclusively for our bamboo clothing line sublimation transfer images, and our Shungite jewelry and tile work images. ADorElizdonArtwork Etsy – Shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts for everyone. Build Your Dream Wedding Registry With These 40 Essential Shops. Inspiration from handcrafted tableware to luxurious bed linens, find everything you need to start a life together in this curated collection of standout Etsy shops.  www.adorelizdonartwork. 

Edna Kerrigan Independant Associate at VoxxLife.  I wear Voxx socks to help with my balance and Voxx insoles in my workboots to help with my balance and endurance in this Lymie life.

Funky Monkey Fabrics. Our Lyme Ware Castor Oil Packing protocol kits are sourced thru this fabric store.  Half of each wrap is a 100% cotton flannel and the other side is a 70% bamboo rayon, 30% cotton.

Jessica Johnston Clothier. Jess is the designer and sewing company businesswoman who makes all of Lyme Ware bamboo and hemp clothing line products.  Sourced in Canada and Made In Canada.>jjclothier on Facebook, jessicajohnstonclothier on Instagram.

Kathryn Shailer. Independant Higher Education Consultant and Writer. Kathryn will be one of the featured writers on the Lyme Ware blog page.   Kathryn has written and edited our ‘About’ introduction here on the Lyme Ware website.   You can find Kathryn on the professional website

Judy Tupling. LindChris Goat’s Milk Soap can be found on Facebook.  Judy is working with Lyme Ware to create our own signature Cistus Incanus Goat’s Milk Soap and other blends with Cistus essential oil featured as the main ingredient.

Kortney Terry is a Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Crystal Therapist, Crystal Reiki Master, Holistic Nutrition, Celiac, Holistic Intuitive and Mom of 3.  Kort and I are working together to produce for Lyme Ware a all-purpose salve that contains, comfrey, calendula, arnica and lemon balm.  We will be using a local bees wax that she also uses in her other body care products.  Kort is on instagram as with her Alternative & Holistic Health Service and will be featured as a writer in the Lyme Ware blog..

Liana Russwurm.  Liana is a Contemporary Figurative Canadian Painter who works out of her studio home; The Church in Alvinston, Ontario.  Liana is the photographer for the ‘Lifestyle Lyme Ware photoshoot’ website launch photo shoot. The Church Studio tours arranged by appointment.

Sandra Triantafyllou. Oh The Water Sandra is the person who first introduced me to Cistus Incanus tea which she hand harvests and distills on an island in Greece where she lives.   Sandra will be featured as well in the blog portion of Lyme Ware with our healing together journey story and how it all unfolded from the tradgedy of an olive grove burned to the ground and how she rose from the ashes with hand harvesting the wild herbs that grew in the following years since and manifesting together a copper still from which she makes her hydrosols that she sells online in her etsy shop, Oh the Water can also be found on facebook