New Cistus Source!

Lyme Ware Inc. has sourced the Cistus Incanus tea, Cistus Hydrosol and Cistus essential oil. I am making no claims but the times being what they are do your research and contact me for your Cistus needs.

My biggest recent seller is the Cistus Hydrosol and the combi pack of a purse size for keeping those hands sanitized (120 sprays). I am also adding Cistus Hydrosol to wipes to add that extra effective biofilm busting component that is necessary for wiping down surfaces. We also have Cistus Goats Milk Soap and handwash soap. Washing is so necessary to combat the spread of viruses, so why not use a biofilm busting soap?

I would encourage all those who use castile (hemp based soap) to add Cistus essential oil which I sell for diffusing and adding to body care products. I can quote a price for a larger size of the essential oil if interested. It is important to note that Cistus essential oil is not sold by most essential oil companies.

Airplane travelling? I would suggest the purse size Cistus Hydrosol in your carryon bag to spray on a face mask for extra protection.

Diffusing the Cistus essential oil is also an antimold and safe for pets.
For extra protection around the nose, mouth and ears (all entry points for viruses) I have a small tin of Cistus/CBD infused all purpose salve. I will be making a more economical all purpose Cistus salve without CBD soon for travel.

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In the meantime you can email me at to place an order or pm me on Lyme Ware Inc. fb messages.